Vision Quest​

3rd Annual Spring Vision Quest 

May 18th to May 20th 2018

A Vision Quest is a rite of passage in many cultures.   It can be an experience that will let you identify, clarify or confirm the future path for your life.  It may be a time of healing or of rediscovering your inner peace.  You may resolve an internal conflict or gain insight into external struggles. The journey is yours, but you will take it with the support, encouragement and guidance from our Vision Quest facilitators.

Willow Stick Healing Arts is now offering a Vision Quest for those interested in this type of initiatory experience.  We will be completing the Quest at Sandilea, a rustic retreat environment, in Central Michigan.

You can expect:

- Six, required, training sessions.  Five preparatory sessions will be held one evening per week prior to the Vision Quest.  The sixth is held after the Quest.  These sessions will be held by teleconference or Skype if you are unable to come to our Lansing office.  They will last about 2 hours.

- The first night you will receive a light meal in anticipation of a 48 hour food fast.  There will be a ceremony to send you off on your Vision Quest. (Note:  If you have a medical need for food and/or medication, follow your medical provider’s instructions for your own care.)

- You will be in your private sacred circle on the land for 2 nights and 2 days.

- A monitor will be available for any safety needs you may have.

- When the Vision Quest is over, you will have completed your initiation and will have a return ceremony.

- You will then receive a breaking of the fast meal.

- We will spend time sharing about the experience if you find a need to debrief.

- If you choose, you may request a follow-up, private consultation with a facilitator.

- We have monthly gatherings for those who successfully complete the program.  

TUITION $250  (Contact us for payment plan if needed)


​​Pre-registration due by April 17th
Prep Classes Tuesdays April 17th to May 15th​ 6 PM - 8 PM

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