The Shaman & the Chakras

The Shaman & the Chakras is a workshop for those wishing to explore the energy centers commonly known as Chakras and their relationship to shamanic healing.

‚ÄčAt this 2 day workshop, you will be introduced to the world of shamanism in a new and unique way. Participants will be taught the classic shamanic journey to both the lower and upper worlds. Then, these new journey skills will be employed to explore the unique aspects of each chakra. 

Chakras are considered to be points of spiritual power within one's body. We will focus on 8 major chakras in this work. By employing the use of the shamanic journey in chakra exploration, participants will experience a weekend filled with spiritual guidance, self-healing, and empowerment. 

Experienced shamanic practitioners are welcome and will also find this very interesting and valuable. The teaching of the shamanic journey is a relatively small part of the curriculum.

Workshop runs for 2 days -

March 10th & 11th from 10 AM -5 PM

Early bird tuition is $125 for the weekend if paid by 2/10/18. Current, and past, shamanic apprentices of Willow Stick Ceremonies & Healing Arts receive a discounted rate of $100 if paid by 2/10/18. Registrations paid after 2/10/18 are $150 and $125 for apprentices. (Class size is limited)