​​​​​​The call to become a shamanic practitioner does not come to all.  It is a profound undertaking that is not to be taken lightly.  In fact, shamanic practice, when done well and responsibly, provides somewhat indescribable results for healing of the individual, the community and the planet.

​In other cultures, when a shaman apprentice is selected for the community, it is because the initiate has ancestral expectations to be a shaman placed upon them, has had a long and life threatening illness, or has had a near death experience.

Our apprenticeship program has four levels.  Each level becoming a more in depth and intensive experience.

In an apprenticeship, you will have one on one lessons with Teresa, a fully trained and experienced shamanic practitioner.  Between the lessons, there are homework assignments that must be completed in order to move onto the next lesson.

​Each level of apprenticeship has four, two hour, sessions.  These lessons are scheduled, at your convenience, at least two weeks apart.

A personal interview with Teresa is required to answer any questions and before being accepted into the program.  

Each level of the apprenticeship must be satisfactorily completed before an apprentice moves onto the next level.

​The levels include beginning, intermediate, advanced, and expert skill building.

Cost for each level begins at $350 (discounted rate) if paid in full at the time of acceptance into the program.  If you need a payment plan,  you may pay $195 prior to scheduling your first session.  The remaining $195 is due prior to scheduling the second session.           (Prices subject to change and some levels are a bit more.)

To schedule a consultation interview, please e-mail through our "Contact Us" page or call our office at 517-402-6727.

You may also apply for the level one program using the link below.