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​Billie Jo Clawson - 5 stars - Beautiful spirited teachers. I will be back and hope others will listen to their intuition and visit.  A wonderful gift having this place and the people I have got to meet so far.

Lisa LaFrance - 5 stars - Such a loving, peaceful place. The reiki classes are wonderful. Teresa and Fiona are full of so much knowledge, and love. They make you feel so comfortable. I left their classes feeling so empowered and ready to go on my journey and help others. I also had a shamanic healing session with Teresa, which really helped me understand many things going on in my life today. I highly suggest Willow Stick to everyone, it is such an awesome place to go.

Sallie Thrush - 5 stars - Had an amazing day learning the practice of reiki. So welcoming and full of knowledge. I left feeling empowered and ready to not only improve myself but help others!!! The ladies are truly an inspiration. I look forward to returning and learning more.



These workshops are for those interested in exploring the benefits of Reiki.  Reiki will be of great benefit to yourself and others. This includes children, pets, and plants.  

Reiki is a form of energy healing that promotes overall wellness on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. 

These classes will provide you with the skills needed to begin working with Reiki energy. You will receive your attunements and have hands on experience at each level.

At the end of each class you will receive a certificate of completion.  Upon completion of 2nd Degree Reiki you will be qualified to work with others.  

If you are already a practitioner, or are curious, please attend our monthly Reiki Share event the last Thursday of each month.  

You can see all of our events and classes in Events on our Facebook page.  Just for info click one of the links below.