​According to the American Reflexology Certification Board, reflexology is a scientific art based on the premise that there are zones and reflex areas in the feet and hands which correspond to all body parts.

The physical act of applying specific pressures using thumb, finger, and hand techniques results in stress reduction which causes physiological changes in the body.

A primary benefit of reflexology is relaxation. Relaxation through reflexology may help the body to balance any kind of stress it is experiencing.

As a Third Degree Reiki Practitioner, and originally trained in Reiki-Reflex™, I believe that reflexology works on three levels: the physical, the mental and the spiritual. My goal is to integrate all three levels for a total relaxation experience for every client.

Devaki Berkson explains the workings of these three levels in The Foot Book ... "the physical by affecting organs and circulation by re-establishing, unblocking, and stimulating blood, oxygen, nutritional and energy pathways. Tension is released, nerve activity is balanced, and congestion and other deposits (a build-up of acidic crystals, a.k.a. lactic acid) are thrown off. On the mental level, the act of touching another human being is an effective therapy in itself. Last, from the spiritual aspect, a healing force from the universe is called upon and used by both the client and the practitioner..."

To further enhance your relaxing reflexology session, you will also have access to the proven health benefits of resting on a BioMat with far infrared rays, negative ion therapy and the superconducting properties of pure amethyst.

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