Chaconda George - ​I had my Anaoania Oracle session on October 2, 2017 and it was a beautiful experience. I went in totally open and expecting something great to happen. I asked my questions (which I was asked to prepare ahead of time) and got the answers I needed. She knew I didn't trust in my abilities/gifts and that until I did I would stay exactly where I was in regards to them. Anaoania already knew that I had the answers to my questions but needed confirmation.  After she answered my questions, she wanted to give me a blessing and thats where it got AMAZING!!!!!! I felt this love from her and she knew I needed it. I became very emotional (I was releasing something) then all of a sudden I was being held and rocked. I mean that literally. I felt something wrap around me and i was being rocked. I tried to stop the rocking at first because I thought I was doing it, but it wasn't me. I needed love and comfort and it was being provided as I cried. That part of the session was the biggest impact. I can't explain it but it happened. It is weeks later and I'm learning to trust myself more, and the universe is bringing me amazing rewards. The time I had with Teresa and Anaoania was beautiful, and I am honored that I was able to be there. I loved the whole session and I will never forget 'The Rocking" and the love. Thank you Anaoania and Teresa for this beautiful experience. Love & Light​

​Yvonne L. - I recently participated in an oracle reading with the channeled ancient Incan healer, Ana (Anaoania) available through Willow Stick Healing Arts. I've attended an Abraham-Hicks event and listened to other channels, but there's a different energy about her that is inexplicable and refreshing. A few times, Ana spoke in her original language, which was fascinating if not frustrating to try and follow. Thankfully, the channel could translate it afterwards! 
So, take full advantage of this opportunity to have your questions answered. Ana, as a channeled entity has access to your Spirit Guides. Come with questions ready and be prepared to take copious notes -- but know that she, as a truth-teller, does not like to be challenged (since it implies a lack of trust/openness on the part of the seeker). So, come with an open mind and heart and you'll have lots to ponder after your session for a good long while! 

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​​​​​This service is called an oracle session or, more commonly, a channel session.  An oracle, or channel, brings direct revelation from Spirit that may be useful to someone in need of information. The oracle acts as a hollow bone for the communication of Spirit to be relayed to a person.  The oracle uses her or his own Spirit Guide to help others gain knowledge and insight.  Our oracle is Teresa. Teresa's guide is described as follows.

Her name is Anaoania (ana-wa'-nia) or Ana for short.   If you are seeking advice for an issue or need help making a decision, you may be interested in meeting with Teresa and Anaoania.  

Anaoania has a long story, but the short of it is this... She is a high level Spirit Guide that has come through to Teresa with healing information to reveal to us.

She is willing to share her wisdom with those who are seeking solutions, requiring healing, needing information, etc.

Cost:  $100 total ($50 non-refundable deposit and $50 due at the scheduled session)

Prices subject to change