What is an intuitive card reading?

An intuitive reading is done by a practitioner who is able to sense your present state of being and any blocked energy.  An intuitive reading is not â€‹fortune-telling. It involves the use of oracle cards to help a client with decision making.

An effective reading will leave you feeling empowered.  After a reading, you should be better able to use your own gifts, talents and abilities in order to further your growth.  You should be able to make changes that are effective for you.  In any reading, you may be able to find the solutions you need for spiritual, emotional, mental and/or physical issues.

All readings are different.  Your second reading may be much different than your first.  No single practitioner or client ever has the same experience.  This is a very personalized, individual process.

You may choose either a 30 minute session for $40 or a 60 minute session for $75.  Of course, the longer the session, the more in-depth the work.

Please bring a journal or notebook to record any information, insights you have or advice that you may receive.

(Prices subject to change.)